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Whether head-down or heart up, these extremely light and easy-to-use phone stands clip directly on to your FeetUp® Trainer to ensure you’ll never miss a beat... no matter which direction you are facing.

All you need to do is switch the position of your phone before entering into or after dismounting from the FeetUp® posture!

  • Engineered to fit any phone
    Instead of fragile swivels or expensive materials, we opted for the simple and sustainable elegance of laser-cut wood.
  • Proper viewing angles
    Support a healthy neck position whether facing forward or safely inverted.
  • Designed for simplicity
    Installs in seconds and allows for quick transitions during practice.
  • SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE of $7 (limited time only) and not covered by our warranty or return policy.

$14.00 $7.00


Graceful. Vegan. Sustainable.

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extremely easy and fun to use

extremely easy
and fun to use

100% Success on the first try

100% success
on the first try

1 minute a day brings 100% benefits

only 1 minute / day
for 100% benefits

Movement Motivator in your Home

movement motivator
in your home

Vegan and Sustainable

fair, vegan and

5-star Customer Reviews

customer ratings

over 12 years of market experience

over 12 years
market experience

FeetUp® Community

a large community
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