Your new FeetUp® Trainer™ is a valuable shipment! As such, our policy is to request an indirect1) signature on all deliveries to ensure shipping happens smoothly and without complications (damages, fraud, theft, etc.)

Kindly note that your package will need to be signed for upon delivery! Please plan accordingly.

To make sure you receive your order quickly and with minimum effort, please read the following notes very carefully:

  1. Unless you have explicitly selected and paid for an Expedited option at checkout, your order will be shipped out using FedEx® Home Delivery / FedEx® Ground.
  2. Please track your order's progress to get an estimated delivery date. As soon as your package is registered with FedEx, we will send you a 2nd email containing your tracking number and a link to the FedEx website showing your full Tracking Information.
  3. FedEx deliveries usually happen within business hours. If you cannot be present to receive the package within this time, then you might be able to simply leave a note on your door for the driver along with your signature, to allow for the package to be released.
  4. Please make sure to check the overall outer state of the box before signing for the package. There are items inside that could be damaged or missing, if the packaging has holes or has been improperly handled. In this situation, simply refuse the delivery and allow the damaged package to return to us, and we will send you a new shipment. 
  5. If your delivery is delayed, failed or your shipment redirected for any reason, please click here to contact FedEx directly. They are able to provide you with the information you need in order to retrieve your package, based on your tracking number.

1) An indirect signature means that FedEx must obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address: a doorman, neighbor or building manager. You can also leave a FedEx Door Tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present (a Door Tag should be left for you after a failed attempt).

Missed the delivery?

As the phone number you have provided us at checkout is written on the shipping label, FedEx should attempt to call you and arrange delivery. We kindly ask you to not mistakenly filter their call and/or respectively check voicemails in a timely fashion.

If the FedEx agent does not find you at home, they should leave a card at your door that you can sign - please read it and follow the given instructions. This way, the driver will simply drop the package at your door during the next delivery attempt.

If the package is not delivered after 3 attempts, it will await for your pick up at the closest FedEx store/location for up to 10 business days. If not picked up within this timeframe, only then it will return to our warehouse.

IF YOUR PACKAGE IS RETURNED TO US, please understand that we can only offer one round of Free Shipping for our orders. In this situation, please contact us using the button at the bottom of this page. You have the following 2 options:

  1. If you would like your package reshipped, then we have to charge you a fee of $15 + shipping costs (calculated based on destination).
  2. If you no longer want your order, we can offer you a refund according to our Return Policy, and respectively subtract a fixed $20 restocking fee out of your initial payment.